Out of bombs?

Last week I did some initial work on the user interface of game levels, which may still receive substantial changes as I add new gameplay features thought. Playing the first prototype of b&p I've also realized that I had to limit the number of bombs you can throw against falling objects. Obviously if you had an infinite number of them, it wouldn't be so fun, right?

But the question was.. should I just put a maximum number of bombs the player has to use wisely or should I think something else? At the end I came up with a "bomb bar" which I think is a bit more intuitive. It slowly decreases if you throw bombs too frequently. So you do have infinite bombs, but still you cannot throw them too fast. :)

The bomb bar slowly recovers if no bombs are thrown for a small amount of time, but if you want it to become full in no time you will have to get one of these bomb boxes!

 And here's a small screen shot of the first ui:

2 commenti:

  1. Wow, More beatiful work now i am practicing with ogrebullet and ogre3d i have in my project sdl_mixer for sound and anothers libs. Only write for say you your job is very good.I'm from Mallorca(Spain) sorry my english.

  2. @IncalB: Thank you! :)
    Yes I know sdl_mixer and it is very good. I'm using CAudio for my game, which is also free and pretty good!