iOS Game?

Yep! That's right, that's the reason why I didn't update this blog lately. I've been busy building a brand new iOS game! ;)

Great! But wait, what about bombs & penguins? Well, in short words I had to drop it.
After a while I realized it could be no more than a simple demo as its game concept wasn't much extensible. It was an hard choice to do, but it did give me an important lesson. Game development is a very long iterative process and sometimes you end up with something which isn't fun as you thought it was, and you can either pull it off or start over again. I took the second route.

But not all the time was wasted! I re-used some of the assets and artwork (and code as well) for my next game.

Since I recently owned myself a Mac I decided it would be cool if I developed my next game on it for the iPhone. And since I started its development several months ago I'm in a pretty advanced stage now :)

This time the game will definitely see the light of day and it's going to happen pretty soon, so stay turned!

Here's some first look:

5 commenti:

  1. It looks interesting to me.
    Congratulations in advance! :D


  2. hello, I'm msc0953, I come from ogre forum.
    your game looks very cute and funny.

    Im alreay installed it on my iphone.

    Would do I ask some questions about gollria with iOS?

    this is my email: msc0953@sasajun.net

    I'm devloping iPad game, I also use Gui3D(base on gollria) and Ogre.
    But I found game will crash on iOS, because Ogre::GLSLESProgramCommon::isAttributeValid(),
    how do u slove this question?

    I'm sorry to have bothered you. but I need your help. Thank you!

    1. Hi msc0953,
      Sorry, I've just noticed your comment. :)

      Thanks for trying Tiny Stack! Regarding your question, I've never encountered the error you've posted. I believe it is a GL ES 2.x related error (Tiny Stack uses GL ES 1.x), perhaps because of missing shaders for Gorilla. If I remember correctly, Gorilla comes with a shader directory which you must add in your resources.cfg file.

      Have you tried asking the people over Ogre3d forum?

    2. I've jsut checked the Gorilla repository (https://github.com/betajaen/gorilla), and what you have to do is to add the "shaderBasedMaterials" directory to your resources.cfg. Let me know if that solves your problem :)